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1920'S home  Marlow

Emma Silwood-4.jpg
Emma Silwood-5.jpg

Bespoke furniture designed & produced

Emma Silwood-9.jpg

Effortlessly blending old with new

Emma Silwood-9.jpg
Emma Silwood-2.jpg
Emma Silwood-3.jpg

Freehand bespoke artwork

This 1920's home was a dated shell when it was purchased. 

Today, it is a light filled, characterful, family home.

Great care to preserve original features was taken, while ensuring the home communicates the personality of the family.

It's all in the detail: patterns, prints and found empheria have been used across the project including newspapers from 1932 which were found under the original lino flooring. Here they have been used as wallpaper in the bathroom, adding interest and hours of reading material!

Emma Silwood-1.jpg

Restoring orignal features


Utilising found materials

Emma Silwood-11.jpg
Emma Silwood-10.jpg

Creating warmth & atmosphere

Photography Credit: Fiona Murray

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